Sunday, September 6, 2009

A friend is a gift you give to yourself. Robert Louis Stevenson

Remember,the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree,but in the hearts of true friends.Cindy Lew

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies. -- Aristotle


I have reconnected with several friends during the last few months. It is wonderful one place could do this! I am referring to the social network called Facebook.

At first I was scared to death of Facebook. I thought it was just a site for college kids. So when a friend of mine asked me to join I thought naaaaaa better not.Then another friend said "yeah you really should get on face book. ""

Then the next thing I know my husband says I need to get a Facebook account.
He says he has one!!! Hubby is not computer savvy at all !!! It amazed me that he found his way into the Facebook world. He was so excited about it because he had hooked up with friends from school and coworkers. He travels all over the world facebook gives him that opportunity to connect with coworkers and new friends he has met along the way .

So I decided if Hubby could handle it then I was going to sign up too.

I signed up for Facebook out of curiosity and now I find myself playing Mafia Wars and getting way to many request for other games and applications that I don't have time to do nor want to do. I love Mafia Wars although I have found it a bit addicting at times .There are days I wonder if I could survive a week without Facebook!!

Connecting with old friends and keeping in contact with new friends has been such a wonderful way for me to keep up with everyone . I use to be so diligent in writing letters ,yes snail mail, to distant friends.I would pick up the phone and call every now and then but then life became so busy and I began to procrastinate and eventually I lost track of people really close to me over the years.
This is why I love being on Facebook. I now can keep in touch and share pictures , talk if we want, or say nothing at all and know we are only a message or chat away.

This past week someone shared with me a secret that I never knew!!! I gotta say I was blown away and touched in the heart at the same time. I would share but a secret is a secret!

It was in that email that I realized that you never know what someone really thinks about you and if you did would it change the dynamics of your friendship if you knew?

I think it shouldn't matter because if they are truly a friend then they will eventually tell you because a real friend knows you are going to take whatever it is and help or solve or accept it or just listen to them without judging them. A freind should be able to speak their heart to each other at any given time.

The scripture in the Bible :Proverbs 17:17 ----"A friend loves at all times"
This to me is the best way to be a friend. This is why I like the quote, "A friend is someone who knows us but loves us anyway. "

It is my husbands love that keeps my heart beating and the love of friends and family that holds it together.

Today I am so thankful for those that call me their friend and feel blessed by their love ,trust and acceptance of me just the way I am!!!!

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